Monday, 28 April 2014

Weekend summary

Oh, what a perfect weekend it was. Not food wise, but in everything else. And that's why I won't give these weekend adventures up just to be able to stay on track. Sure, I don't know how to stay healthy while I'm away with friends who don't care the least about what they eat, but my time away with them are the greatest treatments for mental stress and anxiety that I know and it is also about fulfilling my dreams.

So the traps I fell into this weekend: fish & chips for dinner. No good alternatives to choose from. Panini for lunch. No alternatives there either and skipping the bread would've made the meal too small for a day filled with physical activities. Toast with a homemade avocado mix that my friend prepared for me. Couldn't say no when she had made an effort like that.

Despite these slips there are also some successes that I will give myself a shoulder pat for! I did my best to stay somewhat healthy considering the circumstances. That meant: I had raw nuts and water with me everywhere so there was no problem at all skipping sweets and soft drinks when everyone else were having that. I bought my own breakfast and made banana pancakes from ripe bananas, eggs and cinnamon for my friend and myself instead of having bread or cereals. I also managed to eat average portions of all meals which is a huge success for anyone who doesn't know when enough is enough! And best of all - this weekend did not trigger any binges or cravings like pretty much all other weekend adventures have done. Maybe because I managed to stay away from sweets. Today has been great with normal, or a slightly smaller food intake. Good primal food!

I believe a great tool to not respond to unhealthy cravings is to recognize that inner seductive voice. To personalize that voice, as I've done by naming it miss Seductive Sugarmonster, makes it easier to see it from an outside perspective and actually argue with it. You kind of hear how riddiculous it sounds in a different way and it's easier to decide to not fall for those stupid ideas that the voice suggest. If there is someone else inside you who says "you've ruined this day by having a biscuit already so you can just go on and have the whole package now" then it's easier to reply with "screw you, one biscuit is more than enough for me and I don't need more" than if you think it was your own conscious thought suggesting it. 

Now let's see if we can get up at 5 tomorrow for an early and well deserved morning workout at the gym before uni :)

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