Monday, 21 April 2014

Medicare waiting room

Uni is finally open today! Backpack is stuffed with notebooks, iPad and a lunch box, all prepared for an afternoon in the library catching up on cell metabolism. 

First I just have to sit here and wait for my turn at the Medicare counter so I can get my card. It's time to see a GP tomorrow to get my thyroid hormone production measured. If it turned out that the values are too low then my weight gain, tiredness, coldness, focusing issues, weakness at the gym and lots of other thigs would suddenly make sense. If they turn out to be normal, well... Then I guess that it's actually just me exaggerating and being unable to handle life or something. 

The status for today otherwise: my chest and biceps are wonderfully sore from the perfect gym session yesterday! My inner monster can't stop thinking about sugar (chocolate) for some reason, but I refuse to succumb to it! Challenge of the day: taco night with friends and resisting the bread/nachos or whatever there is to resist plus eventual alcohol. Pat on the shoulder to myself if I succeed (which I will!!!).

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