Friday, 25 April 2014

Living life to the fullest = traps everywhere!

So I recently moved all across the world. New experiences and lots of opportunities of exploration and adventure. I love these adventures but they are dangerous when it comes to healthy eating. Right now I'm sitting in a car, 6:30 am on a Saturday, on my way to a weekend adventure. These adventure are probably my main traps. My diet may work perfectly during the week but when I go away, someone might be making pancakes for everyone, another one bought timtams and we'll probably stop for a snack on the way and trust me - it will not be a salad bar!

I feel like there are no healthy options for me when I go on these adventures. I always tell myself that "it's just one weekend, I'll go back to my healthy lifestyle on Monday". And I do. But it's not really sustainable if this happens every or every second weekend. And miss Monster is always extra seductive for at least three days afterwards. 

This weekend I'll try to have a strategy beforehand. I got a boiled egg and a bunch of raw nuts in the backpack. That will save me when my friends want to go for a snack on the road. We'll buy groceries for dinner and breakfast together later which is a possibility for me to buy something for myself. I don't have to eat the pancakes - I'll just make an omelet for myself. 

I've also prepared my body this time by not eating as much fat as I usually do, since I might not be very strict low carb this weekend. Otherwise it might turn out to be high carb high fat which is never good. 

Last thing - if I don't manage to stick to the diet 100%. If something poisonous slips down - then I won't beat myself up for it! I'll do the best I can and that means that I'll be healthier than if I'd just give everything up anyway. If I eat something bad, then so be it. Get over it and get right back on track afterwords!

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