Sunday, 20 April 2014


Here I am, lying on my stomach in a park, listening to fantastic Swedish music in the earbuds and just taking a pause from life. It's Easter, which means that the library is closed today and I have to stay home with my studies. For the third day in a row! And I am going nuts!!! Especially since I'm still not really used to flatsharing and having people around all the time. Sometimes you just need a timeout, a minute for yourself. Even better if you can combine it with some fresh air. 

I know I'll still be restless when I get back home. And what do I do when I am restless? I eat! And this park is very close to my standard grocery store. And I want to go and buy potato starch to try the big hype about resistant starch which means... It will be hard to not buy shitloads of carbs! I have a 3 day-rule when I've eated carbs. That's how long it takes to get rid of the cravings. Today is day no 2. I should probably avoid the store all together. But another rule is to allow myself to eat as much as I want of healthy food during these days to compensate the cravings. I can start thinking about amounts once these days are over. So how do we solve this?

I actually already know that I will go to the store. I recognize these feelings too well by now but I can choose to buy better alternatives than chocolate, ice cream and lollies. I can choose chease, veggies and dip, sausage and/or nuts instead. Probably "and" rather than "or". I'm a binge eater. Let's see how it goes. Report later!

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