Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Something amazing just happened...

Since I am on a no carb challenge at the moment, I'm starting to notice some things happening. Things such as feeling completely exhausted in the afternoon/evening and being easily annoyed. That is, my body is trying to adapt to the new extremely strict diet. I also noticed that it took me about 7 hours to get hungry again after I had breakfast yesterday, and there was no need for a snack in the evening.

But now there was something amazing happening during brekkie. I managed to not finish my plate!!! Felt stuffed when I had one piece of the meat left and actually threw it away after I had to force down another bite. I seriously can't remember last time that I didn't finish my plate. It's something rooted very deeply from when I was little, and also from living many years on a tight budget. Suddenly it happened.

This means that I actually can feel when my body is satisfied while on this diet! Go Sofy!!!


And oh, look up the hashtag #skaldemanslchf on Instagram! It's all Swedish but anyone can see what's in the pictures anyway. Love seeing proof of other people eating as crazily as I do :)

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