Friday, 2 May 2014


Breakfast is holy to me. I've tried a compressed eating window a la 8h eating and 16h fasting, and can definitely recommend it. I do it every once in a while for some time, but I really do love my breakfast and always go back to it sooner or later. It is more than just food for me. It is me-time because I usually get up earlier than my housemates. It is relaxation. It is a beautifully slow start of the day where I have an opportunity to sort all my thoughts and wake up properly.

I truly love early mornings but I am not a morning person. And I try to get up extra early just because of that reason, however contradictory it might sound. Then I might allow myself to be a zombie for some time without having to stress. I allow myself to have a cup of coffee while just staring into the wall for half an hour if I feel the need for it.

Loved the look of my breakfast today so I just had to put a picture of it here. Homemade crackers (sesame seeds, linseed, sunflower seeds, egg and spices only - yummy dose of good fibres!) with a lot of butter, salami, a big chunk of cheese and a small twig from the basil plant in the kitchen window. And of course multivitamineral, omega-3 and the compulsory cup of black coffee :)

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