Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Results and eventual catches with ketosis

I did not weight myself last Sunday. My stomach was protesting so I returned to my daily shot of resistant starch and waited for my gut to start doing its job again before I went up on the scale. Result: -2 kg since last time! That is - minus 2.6 kg total since I started the ketogenic diet about 3 weeks ago. (EDIT: went to the loo, got my pajamas off and got on the scale again: minus another kg! So now- minus almost 4 kg since the start!) Happy girl!! :)

My exams are starting on Friday so I really don't have time to sit here and analyze my diet :( But considering all my studying at the moment, I am really pleased to be in ketosis!! I can actually focus on the studies and don't even have to take a break for food during the day. Might not necessarily be a positive thing though. I am still a bit worried that I don't eat enough. But then again - yesterday I ate heaps instead. Just eating when I am hungry and not eating when I am not kinda makes me vary my calorie intake a lot from day to day. Sometimes fasting for 24 hours and sometimes, like yesterday, eating well above my daily intake.

So well... the only issue I can think of now is the occasional waste of food. I mean, yesterday I brought a lunchbox to uni. The appetite was completely absent. So it lay there in my backpack for several hours in room temperature and then went back to the refrigerator when I came home. Now I'm not sure if I can eat it. Waste of money on that food. But if that's the only catch - then I am more than fine with that! :)

(well sure, my breath is still a nightmare but I see that as a good sign)

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